Rock Wash Favorite Tee

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We aren't even kidding-- this is going to be your new favorite tee! Made out of the same amazingly soft, cool-touch material. You're seriously going to want to wear this everywhere.

Featuring a hand-dyed tie dye design, no two are exactly the same. Stock your closet with thesolid & vintage versionstoo.


Oh-so soft and breathable100% Sensil® Nylon jerseyhas a cool touch that is perfect for nearly any activity with superb performance features.

Sensil® Nylon has unique and patentedfabrictechnologythat

-wicks awaymoisture and dries quickly

-resists odor to prevent unwanted scents from clinging tothe garment

-providestemperature control with cool-touch fabrication and breathability

Ribbed neck band. Cap sleeve.

100% Made in USA-- knitted, sewn and hand-dyedinDowntown Los Angeles.


Modelis wearing size XS/S.

Fits true to size. Refer to size guide for fit recommendations.


Hand wash highly recommended

If necessary, machine wash gentle cyclein a garment bag

Always wash incoldwater with similar colors

Use a mild, plant based detergent

Hang or lay flat to dry away from direct sunlight


Use a mild, plant based detergent

For best results, use a garment bag

Hand wash whenever possible

Always wash in cold water


Models are wearing sizes S, respectively

Fits true to size.

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