Who we are

Avocado was founded on the idea of encouraging people to be their authentic, natural selves and to remain “as you are.” Based on this premise, we have expertly engineered our seamless products to flatter and move around YOU. Through comfort, fit, self-expression, and an eco-conscious state of mind, we strive to allow you to be confident in the skin you are in and stay true to yourself.


All Avocado seamless products are designed in Downtown Los Angeles. This gives us the ability to oversee the entire process-- from concept and development, all the way to production and packing. By keeping our entire process local, we effectively cut down on greenhouse gas emissions associated with the manufacture and transport of foreign goods. In addition, producing and manufacturing in California ensures that all of our workers are paid fair wages in clean and safe working environments, making our products entirely sweat-shop free.


Our process begins with sourcing the very best ultra-fine premium performance yarns that are knitted in our L.A. factory on one of over 70 Italian circular knitting machines. Through this continuous, circular knitting process, we are able to produce unconventional garments that eliminate unnecessary seams and allow for flexibility in fit and movement. This cutting-edge technology also transforms the production cycle to more efficiently produce each size to its specific length and circumference, which creates less wasted fabric. Through years of experience and the use of technical stitches, we even created our own innovative waistband design with tummy control and support that won't roll, pinch or dig-- it's so unique, we patented it!

Our core fiber

Sensil® Nylon 6.6

Because we knit each garment individually, starting with a the best yarn fibers is the first step in making a high quality garment.  That's why we use the most superior nylon on the market, offering both performance and style attributes in the same multi-tasking fabric.  We're confident that our choice in advanced apparel delivers enhanced comfort, quality and value.

Sensil® Nylon 6.6 offers specialty performance features such as 


  • natural odor control
  • advanced breathability 
  • sweat-wicking & quick drying capabilities
  • superior stretch & recovery
  • durable & pilling resistant
  • amazingly soft and smooth textures


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